Pleasure craft operator

Pleasure craft operator

The training program for pleasure craft operator was developed in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Estonia and includes everything You need to get certified.

Course lasts 5-6 weeks and consist of the theoretical and practical classes. Theoretical classes give You necessary knowledge about safety and pleasure craft. During practical training You will have the chance to try out in actual conditions the principal maneuvers that may well come in handy on the sea.

Pleasure craft operator is allowed to operate pleasure craft (motor or sailing boat) up to 24 meters and personal water craft (water scooter).

This course is for You, if You’re 15 years old and have medical certificate.


Theoretical classes include:

– ships theory

– knots

– the basics of navigation,

– international rules for preventing collisions of ships at sea

– individual and collective means of rescue at sea

– the basic of boat maneuvers, mooring, anchoring

– “Man Over Board” manoeuvre, approaching a person in water.


Practice includes:

– training on board of a motorboat: manoeuvre “man overboard”, anchorage, mooring.

– training on board of sailing boat.



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