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In Estonia, the small vessel fleet is developing quite fast; every year, the number of people who wants to obtain the licence to navigate a pleasure craft, a personal watercraft, or just go kiting or windsurfing is growing rapidly. Vessel traffic density is increasing, and maritime safety issues are becoming topical. Holding a pleasure craft operator’s licence entitles you to rent a motor or a sailing boat for recreational sailing while on holiday in warmer countries.

The training course includes

  • A theoretical part in the form of lectures (twice a week on working days, in the evenings, or at the weekend; the exact time will be agreed on at the first meeting). All training materials will be available online. If you are absent from the class, you will have a chance to attend it with another group free of chargeThe tools necessary for working with charts will be provided in the classroom.

Since 2020 we teach how to use not only papercharts, but also electonic charts.

  • A practical part consists of two classes at sea on a sailing and a motor vessel. The schedule for practical classes is composed individually, based on the covered material, student abilities, and weather conditions

The training course finishes with an examination where a representative of the Maritime Administration is present.
The length of the course is 6-7 weeks.

At the end of the course you will

  • Acquire necessary expertise, knowledge, and skills for safe navigation of pleasure craft;
  • Familiarize yourselves with the regulations on safe navigation at sea and inland water bodies on a motor, sailing, or personal watercraft;
  • Learn how to bear a course on a navigational chart and how to find your bearing with the help of coordinates and onshore sites;
  • Acquire the skills of tying knots;
  • Receive a pleasure craft operator’s licence after successfully passing the examination and two practical classes

About Us

KapteniABC is a school founded in 2017 to train pleasure craft operators. The main objective is to provide professional training to operators of small motorboats and sailing vessels of up to 24 metres in length. During the training, KapteniABC offers comfortable conditions and a structured approach to learning how to navigate pleasure crafts.

Our staff consists of experienced and highly qualified personnel who, based on the received feedback, conduct trainings in the most effective and easy-to-understand way. We guarantee the highest level of the exam preparation. After the training, you will have all necessary expertise, knowledge, and skills for confident and safe pleasure craft navigation.

Upcoming Courses

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Spring 2024

VHF operator course – 23.03.2024